Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Advanced Solutions in IVR Application Development

Voiyager – Dynamic Automatic Application Discovery is a revolutionary patent-pending technology that completely redefines how VoiceXML applications are developed, tested, deployed, and ultimately maintained. Voiyager is the first application that provides 100% call flow analysis. No other testing methodologies or products provide enterprises the validation that deployed applications are error-free.

Currently load testing services only test static scripts along predictable call paths and fail to explore the complete call transgression possibilities. Voiyager penetrates the full call flow design path and exposes potential deign flaws that will impact customers and the quality level of service.

Voiyager performs an application discovery that immediately simulates user calls exploring all of the “go right” and “go wrong” paths. As calls are placed into the application, Voiyager displays potential problems through an intuitive interface of a discovered call flow. Voiyager tracks every call made into the system allowing for additional analysis.

Voiyager is easily deployed into any environment with no extensive set up effort. Voiyager is able to evaluate VoiceXML compliant applications regardless of the development tool used to develop them. Within hours development teams can begin to maximize their development efforts and begin recognizing immediate return on their investment.

Higher quality applications are now possible through more in-depth automated application discovery. Usual time-to-market challenges are overcome with Voiyager through dramatically improved testing cycles that can be done in a fraction of the time compared to standard manual methods. With Voiyager, resource allocation is more efficiently maximized on VoiceXML development projects as the testing burdens are minimal.

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