Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Accelerate VoiceXML Development

VoiceXML StudioSyntellect VoiceXML Studio is a graphical development environment that accelerates the creation of VoiceXML-based voice solutions by 50% or more. With Syntellect VoiceXML Studio, you no longer need to write VoiceXML code. Instead, you can quickly assemble applications from pre-built “functional blocks” for voice user interface management, call control, application logic and database integration.

Syntellect VoiceXML Studio includes the following key features:

* A graphical programming environment that eliminates the need for manual coding and generates VoiceXML suitable for high-performance applications.
* A library of pre-built user interface components, or “dialog blocks,” which promote “best-practices” in user interface design.
* VoiceXML 2.1 and 2.0 compatibility.
* Advanced database controls that enable the automation of transactions and business processes.
* Support for voice and email communication.
* Java, XML and Web Services capabilities allow developers to integrate easily with existing software applications and leverage prior investments in software and solution development.
* An integrated graphical debugger that streamlines development and testing time.

Syntellect Communications Portal and VoiceXML Studio, a Complete VoiceXML Offering

Syntellect VoiceXML Studio is tightly integrated with Syntellect Communications Portal, the Company’s open, standards-based platform, providing developers with a comprehensive VoiceXML offering with advanced development and management capabilities.

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