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CTI Integration for

PhoneLink for Salesforce.comSyntellect PhoneLinkTM for is a CTI application that allows service and support organizations to leverage the data from their CRM solution in their outbound dialing initiatives and to help them resolve customer issues more quickly. Syntellect PhoneLink significantly enhances the efficiency and performance of service and support groups by providing agents with click-to-dial and screen pop capabilities that can reduce call time and help personalize customer service.

Benefits: Improved Operations, Greater Customer Loyalty and Increased Revenue

Syntellect PhoneLink software can reduce call time by 10-20 seconds per call simply by providing customer information to an agent’s desktop as they simultaneously receive a customer’s call. Using Syntellect PhoneLink you can instantly retrieve and screen-pop customer related information to the agent’s desktop as the call arrives to the agent. Receiving customer details on your screen at the same moment you receive the incoming call means you are able to give a better and more immediate response to the customer, driving towards a first call resolution for every customer. Automatically seeing key details about the customer, such as notes from previous conversations or order history, means your staff can offer a more personalized service.

Syntellect PhoneLink’s Click-to-Dial capability means that, telephony functions are integrated into the Salesforce Softphone application allowing agents to more quickly make outbound calls. Dialing out automatically with a single mouse click from the Syntellect PhoneLink application on your computer saves time and is more accurate, so if you make a lot of outgoing phone calls, the cumulative time lost to dialing wrong numbers can be substantial and may be avoided.

With faster call processing, organizations are able to achieve first call resolution for all customers and reduce the need to hire additional agents to handle higher call volumes.
The World’s Market Leader in CTI

Syntellect Phonelink leverages the integration capabilities of Syntellect CT Connect, the worlds leading CTI software, which is used by hundreds of companies worldwide and today routes calls to more than one million agents worldwide.

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