Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Industry’s Leading CTI Software

Contact Center DNA Syntellect CT ConnectTM is standards-based CTI software that allows application developers and systems integrators to create voice self-service, contact center and unified communications solutions for IP and TDM networks at dramatically lower cost by providing out-of-the-box integration with all major communications systems.  Rocky Mountain Voice and Data are experts in providing Utah businesses with CTI software from Syntellect.

Some of the world’s largest organizations use Syntellect CT Connect to add CTI capabilities, such as intelligent routing, screen pops, and monitoring functions, to their contact center applications. In fact, Syntellect CT Connect has CTI enabled more than 1 million agent seats worldwide.
Out-of-the-Box Connections with All Leading IP and TDM PBXs/ACDs

Developers choose Syntellect CT Connect as their CTI software because it reduces the development time, cost and complexity of developing CTI applications. Syntellect CT Connect eliminates many of the costs associated with traditional proprietary CTI products by leveraging industry standards, such as CSTA and SIP, to link corporate data networks with IP and TDM phone networks. In addition, Syntellect CT Connect is fully compatible with more than 20 PBXs/ACDs, including both IP and TDM versions from leading providers such as Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, and Siemens. The capabilities of Syntellect CT Connect can also be accessed through multiple API’s so you can choose the API that best matches the skills of your development team or your corporate IT architecture.

Optimizing Contact Center Efficiency and Personalizing the Customer Experience

Syntellect CT Connect enables you to add CTI applications such as:

* Intelligent Routing – Leverage telephone network information, such as ANI, DNIS and data entered at the IVR to route the call to the proper geographical location or to the best-qualified agent, eliminating unnecessary transfers and resulting in increased first call resolution rates.
* Screen Pop – Instantly retrieve customer data from your CRM system or enterprise data-base and display it on the agent’s screen when they receive the call. Screen pops shorten call time by 20 seconds or more and enable agents to up-sell and cross-sell products and services.
* Call Monitoring – Recording, and subsequently analyzing, the recorded calls allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your operating procedures and staff members, and, identifies areas for staff training or process improvements.
* Click to Call – Using Syntellect CT Connect you can develop applications that optimize your organization’s workflow. Outbound dialing applications that enable agents to make calls with a single mouse click from a computer save time and are more accurate. Organizations making a high volume of outbound phone calls can realize significant savings by slashing time lost to misdialed numbers.

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