Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Syntellect Communications Portal is an open, standards-based platform with integrated application development and management components that significantly reduce the time, cost and complexity of deploying voice and IP communications solutions. The Communications Portal combines the industry’s most complete support for IP communication, including telephony, video messaging, SMS, and email with comprehensive support for traditional voice communication. By melding these capabilities, the Communications Portal offers a multi-modal Portal that enables organizations to deploy all of their communication applications on a single, cost-effective platform.  Rocky Mountain Voice and Data along with Syntellect provides Utah businesses with Communications portal solutions.

The Syntellect Communication Portal Empowers

* Voice self-service solutions, such as interactive voice response (IVR), interactive voice and video response (IVVR), outbound dialing, and speech-enabled self-service systems
* SMS, email, standards-based voice mail
* Contact center solutions, including outbound dialing, intelligent routing applications and screen pop applications
* Unified communications solutions, including standards-based voice-mail systems and applications that combine traditional voice, IP telephony, video messaging, SMS, email, and fax communication

***Syntellect Communication Portal provides significant value to enterprises, service providers, value added resellers, and systems integrators alike.


* Comprehensive support for industry standards enables organizations to leverage prior investments in hardware, software and solution development, while providing a smooth migration path to the emerging standards and technologies that will be required in the future
* Superior performance – the Communications Portal has handled billions of transactions for our customers in the most demanding of environments
* Industry leading ease-of-use and unmatched flexibility
* Reduced development time and faster time-to-market – developers can create voice solutions 50% faster than they can with other graphical development tools
* Outstanding price/performance compared to proprietary IVR systems and other standards-based voice platforms
* The industry’s broadest support for industry standards, such as VoiceXML, CCXML, MRCP, SIP, and Web services, ensures that solutions are compatible with a wide array of IT environments, including Web and service oriented architectures (SOA)
* Powerful management tools for easily configuring, monitoring and managing large-scale deployments


* Syntellect Studio: A graphical application development environment that reduces development time by 50% or more
* Syntellect Communications Server: A highly scalable, reliable and fault tolerant VoiceXML gateway and run-time environment for deploying Syntellect-based voice solutions and voiceXML applications
* Syntellect Console: A graphical interface that provides a single point of control for administering large-scale or distributed voice solution installation
* Syntellect Domain Server: A dynamic license management utility that ensures the continuous availability

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