Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Enhance Productivity and Cut Response Times by Integrating Call Handling with Customer Relationship Management

Rocky Mountain Voice & Data is Utah’s premier provider of Shoretel CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) solutions to companies in Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, Park City, and St. George.   ShoreTel IP telephony solutions have received high marks from customers and analysts alike for years. Customers are well aware of ShoreTel’s first-rate customer satisfaction, functionality, ease-of-use and simplified management.  Did you know that if you integrate ShoreTel 7 with your company’s CRM system you could reap even more benefits?

Integrate Customer Recordsshoretel_crm
If you want to enhance employee productivity, shorten response times, encourage collaboration, improve handling of new accounts and boost the ROI of both your IP phone system and CRM system, what better way than to give your users all the customer information they need at their fingertips?

This way, when a call comes in, not only will your employees get a record of the inbound phone number, but also if that number is associated with an established customer, they will get details relevant to fielding the call faster and more efficiently.

By leveraging the functionality of converged voice and data capabilities in a single application, call center agents can manage their time more effectively, improve operations and increase customer loyalty
ShoreTel has announced seamless integration with two leading CRM packages, and NetSuite, making the combined power of voice and data that much easier for enterprises.

ShoreTel NetSuite Integration Application
By bringing together the power of ShoreTel and the NetSuite Web-based database of customer records, companies will be in a much better position to handle their critical customer communications.

In addition to increased employee productivity, the ShoreTel NetSuite Integration also gives companies more leverage over their investments in ShoreTel and NetSuite technologies, driving up the return on investment. By packaging this application so that it works “out of the box” ShoreTel gives companies the opportunity to quickly and easily realize the power of application integration.
NetSuite Integration deployments are easy to install and intuitive to use ensuring a smooth transition into daily business operations. Once installed, the ShoreTel NetSuite Integration is truly seamless so that companies can realize the added benefits without changes to established procedures, roles, workflows, or processes.

ShoreTel Call Center Adapter
The ShoreTel Call Center Adapter lets customers of ShoreTel’s cost-effective IP telephony infrastructure take full advantage of’s Call Center Edition software interface, allowing call center agents to receive call information on their desktop in real time and respond more quickly and effectively.
When Call Center’s Softphone customizable call control tool is activated using the ShoreTel Call Center Adapter, users of the CRM application can perform all of their job functions from within one application, thereby significantly streamlining operations.

The tight integration between the two products allows companies to take advantage of extensive embedded call control capabilities, including workgroup integration, click to call and screen pops, and the ShoreTel-powered Softphone call control tool.

The ShoreTel Call Center Adapter uses’s Apex Web service API with ShoreTel’s telephony application programming interface (TAPI) to take advantage of ShoreTel’s distributed architecture for integrating voice communications with core business processes.

The product gives call center agents the ability to monitor and adjust their status and customize their screen layout based on individual preferences. The adapter also includes several features that will simplify future integration with IVR, automatic call distribution and other applications.

Maximizing Your Investment
With the seamless integration ShoreTel provides with two of the industry’s leading CRM packages, companies can feel secure with their investments. By leveraging ShoreTel’s embedded call control and other features, customers have all the tools they need to accomplish their goals and work more efficiently.

ShoreTel’s ongoing commitment to enhancing existing applications, interfaces and feature sets makes it the go-to company for all of your enterprise telecommunications needs.

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